Bryce Eriksen is a photographer and designer living in Luang Prabang, Laos. Originally from the gorgeous Bend, Oregon, USA, Bryce has been capturing photos since he was a teenager. While he loves exploring the natural world through climbing and adventuring, his favorite subjects are always people. He finds truth and beauty in photographing humans in their natural setting, exploring the diverse experience of happiness and life.

Working for the last three years in Laos, Bryce has supplied NGOs and businesses with beautiful photos utilizing his unique style. He sets out to capture intimate and unexpected portraits of the Lao people (and usually gets a glass or two of village brewed rice whiskey while he’s at it). His clients have included Pencils of Promise and GIZ.

Bryce shoots on a Canon T2I.

He can usually be found shooting photos in the countryside, playing pool in town, or at