Across the globe, extraordinary or normal events are happening all the time. Some in places that are remote and that few people will visit. Bryce’s photography offers glimpses of these rare events, and of the ordinary life from all over the world.  His pictures show the human side of people’s struggles as well triumphs and happiness. His work aims to give viewers a chance to get close to what otherwise might go unnoticed, be it an extraordinary or normal event, near or far.

“My ambition is to make beautiful photos with ingenuous content that will speak to people’s emotion and therefore create natural reactions. It is easy to empathize and get engaged in people’s daily battles when they are shown in a real way. I enjoy meeting people and being allowed a short glimpse into their world. The photos are the record of these encounters but it goes beyond that. If I am successful, I can create a small impact by giving world events a human face.”